Lemon Zest Whipped Raw Honey
Lemon Zest Whipped Raw Honey

Lemon Zest Whipped Raw Honey

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A tale as old as time, honey and lemon are crafted together with organic lemon zest and raw creamed honey. It is freshly tart and perfect for tea, or enjoyable as a spread for your favorite dessert or muffin!

- Honey that is whipped with real fruit/spices to make a decadent spread
- No added sugars
- Dairy-Free
- Raw and rich in antimicrobial properties 
- Free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and binding agents
- Small Batch

How to Enjoy
- Stir before use
- Use as spread for toast
- Salad dressings
- Yogurt, parfaits and smoothies
- Sweetener for teas
- Muffins
- Pancakes

Content + Care
- Glass
- Wipe clean
- Keep in cool, dry place
- Ingredients: Honey, Organic Lemon Zest, Organic Lemon Extract
- Made in the USA

- 5.5 oz
- 9 oz

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