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Taste of the Tropics

Side of Paradise Gift Set

Supporting Home-Grown Honey

American Beekeepers

In order to ensure product quality and to preserve our food structure we proudly source our honey from American Beekeepers as more and more grocers seek imports to reduce their costs.

Made in Small Batches

Fresh from the Hive

When we say "made in small batches" we mean it! All of our honey is sourced in small quantities from the recent season and produced in small amounts to ensure quality remains high and ingredient quality stays supreme! 

The Real Deal

Gently Filtered

From start to finish our honey is babied with minimal temperature controls and we filter our honey approximately 60% less than industry average! Ensuring you get all the goodies that come with eating raw honey!

A Greener Future

Honeybee Conservation

Since as a business we know we depend a lot on these little guys but not just from honey, they help produce 1/3 of all the food we eat as well through pollination! That is why we give all our extra resources as a business to one cause-Honeybee Conservation Research!  We also proudly use our retail stores as engines of innovation for finding greener ways of doing business such as sourcing 100% solar energy when possible and packaging-free product offerings.

A New Era of Honey

"Food is simple make it taste good and keep it clean. Nature already has the rest figured out."

- Justin S. 

Stubbees Beekeeper + Co-Founder

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