FGSEH! Comb Honey


For Goodness Sake Eat Honey! Introducing a retro throwback to the 1950's. This classic delicacy of raw honey preserved in comb cut fresh from the hive is meticulously hand packed, stamped and harvested in small batches. Flavor, color, and radiance will vary because of this as we give you the best selection of the recent season from domestic beekeepers. Honey in it's rawest form is best enjoyed with sliced fruit such as apples with select cheeses or slathered on a warm biscuit as the wax and honey melts like butter also don't let that stop you from indulging on just the comb itself. Don't like the comb? Feel free to dispose of it after eating the honey but the beeswax is great for digestion as well.

Learn more about it from our BUZZ BLOG: Comb Honey | A Timeless Classic

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