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Bringing Something Sweet to America's Oldest City

So we decided partially on a whim and from years of restlessness to fulfill an itch on the back of our heads to do a store. An idea stemmed from childhood journeys across the east-coast of the US discovering unique store concepts that somehow manage to work...

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Dark Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Squares

What better baking ingredient could there be than bourbon? It adds such a unique complementary flavor to sweet things. In this brownie recipe we substituted most of the sugar for our Bourbon Infused Honey which makes the brownies moist and even makes them last longer! We sprinkled some nuts and sea salt on the top making these brownies the perfect savory sweet indulgence!

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PERFECT PAIRINGS | Hibiscus Lime Tea

If you live in Florida like us, or anywhere in the south, summer wouldn't be summer without lots of sweet tea! But all the sugar in sweet tea can definitely add up, so we've created this alternative that is just as sweet but without the sugar! It also has lots of other health benefits-- hibiscus is great for the immune system, digestion, blood pressure management and cholesterol. The lime and lemon grass give it an extra flavor boost making it the most refreshing beverage that you'll be reaching for all summer long! Who could resist that color?! Ingredients: -5 cups water -1 stalk of lemongrass -1/4 cup Stubbees Hibiscus Raw Whipped Honey -1/2 cup dried hibiscus flowers -3/4 fresh basil leaves ...

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