Lavender Alkanet Bar Soap

Lavender Alkanet Bar Soap

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Calming lavender infused with skin soothing alkanet root are just what the herbalist ordered for dry and damaged skin. Alkanet root traditionally used as a dye for red wines and in herbal remedies for scarred and inflamed skin is a great companion for lavender in casting your troubles away.

- Calming Lavender Bud Infusion
- Alkanet Root is a herbal remedy used in wound healing, scars and skin softening 
- Soothing Chamomile
- Handmade
- Cruelty-Free
- Free of parabens, dye and sulfates
- Palm oil free

- calming lavender

How to Enjoy
- Get wet and wash up!

Content + Care
- To increase longevity allow this soap to dry between uses
- Ingredients: Organic soap base, Lavender Essential Oil Infusion, Honey, Lavender Bud Infusion, Grapeseed Oil, Alkanet Root, Chamomile, Calendula
- Made in the USA

- 3.5 oz