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GERMANY - Organic Sweet CHERRY Blossom Honey


The mountainous region around the city of Kassel is characterized by numerous wild and also cultivated cherry groves. Gentle green mountain slopes, forests, streams and meadows are lined with cherry trees. When the first rays of the sun warm the air in the spring, the cherry is one of the first blossoming trees and attracts the bees with its delicate flowers and its subtle fragrance.

- Certified organic
- Raw
- Kosher 
- Responsibly sourced
- Single origin
- Color: Caramel, golden
- Aroma: Ripe fruits
- Taste: Marzipan, amaretto

How to Enjoy
- Teas, coffees, peaches and apricots

Content + Care
- Glass
- Wipe clean
- Store in a dry place
- Ingredients: Organic Sweet Cherry Blossom Honey
- Product of Germany

- 4 oz

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