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GERMANY - Organic ACACIA Blossom Honey


The black locust is native to the eastern United States, but its range has been expanded by humans distributing the tree for landscaping. Black locust is an important nectar-producing plant in the eastern US, Asia, and some European countries, and it is the source of the renowned acacia honey. Flowering starts after 140 days of raising temperatures. However, its blooming period is short (about 10 days), and it does not consistently produce a honey crop year after year. Weather conditions can have quite an effect on the amount of nectar collected.

- Certified organic
- Raw
- Kosher 
- Responsibly sourced
- Single origin
- Color: Light gold, light yellow
- Aroma: Waxy, delicate
- Taste: Floral, vanilla

How to Enjoy
- Yogurt, teas, salty cheeses, figs and rye bread

Content + Care
- Glass
- Wipe clean
- Store in a dry place
- Ingredients: Organic Acacia Blossom Honey
- Product of Germany

- 4 oz

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