Gallberry Raw Honey

Gallberry Raw Honey

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Gallberry also known as inkberry is a small round bush that cascades the piney woods of the southeastern United States Gulf area. Richer in diastase enzymes compared to other varietals this honey is produced from the small white flowers of of this deep purple berry bearing bush. Our Gallberry Raw Honey is harvested from the swamps where Florida and Georgia meet. Its dark, herbal tea tint lends itself to a bolder, smokier flavor making it a class of its own in the honey world.


How to Enjoy
- Charcuterie boards, marinades, barbecue sauces and herbal tea companion

Content + Care

- Raw Honey will crystallize over time but gallberry has been known to be slower to crystallize than other varietals. Liquify in warm water, never microwave. 
- Packaged in glass to preserve integrity 

- Ingredients: Raw Gallberry Honey

- U.S.A. Sourced Honey


- 5.5 oz

- 12 oz.

- 22 oz.