Nectar Republic

1776 Collection


Made in the heart of America these hand poured, small batch candles consist of a blend of bee and soy waxes along with a bouquet of essential oils and natural fragrances. Nectar Republic donates 5% of their profits towards "Save the Bees"  efforts.
- Forest: Appalachian forest blend of rich earth, moss, bristle ferns, chestnut trees, red maple and nutty acorns.
- Gunpowder: Smokey charcoal, graphite, fire wood, softened with warm amber and hint of eucalyptus.
- Pipe Tobacco: Tobacco leaves, cherry wood, and old book pages evoke nostalgic memories of our grandfathers.
- West Point: Patriot blend of american bourbon, vanilla, almond, dark honey, vetiver and mahogany.
- Leather: Rich and timeless aroma of old books, fine worn leather, reminiscent of men's riding gloves and horse saddle, balanced with cedar and dark musk

- Grasslands: Hills of green pastures, morning meadow dew, fallen leaves and the great outdoors.

- Nectar Republic donates 5% of their profits to "Save the Bees" efforts
- Beeswax + soy wax blends that help filter the air
- Scented with essential oils
- Hand-poured
Content + Care
- Beeswax, soy wax, cotton, glass, cork
- Wipe Clean
- Made in the USA

- approx. 100 hours burn time
- 12 oz


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