Champagne Honey Pot
Champagne Honey Pot

Champagne Honey Pot

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Every guest coming to your house will surely lay their eyes on this vintage rustic honey jar. The 7.5-inch stoneware pot has ample space not only to hold honey but many other eatables like cookies, candies, and teabags. Built with premium quality ceramic, it showcases Champagne's hand-painted patterns featuring various colors. The glazed finishing provides stain resistance. 

- A national treasure, Boleslawiec ceramics have been manufactured for centuries. Developed from natural ceramic clay that can be found near Boleslawiec at the Bobr and Kwisa rivers. According to historical sources, the first stoneware was made in medieval times and in the early 16th century, local potters formed guilds to ensure perfection. 

Contents + Care
- Dishwasher safe
- Handmade in Poland

- 7.5"


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