Justin Stubblefield, a Florida native, had an interest in plants and animals from a young age. As he got older, he discovered how important honeybees are to the environment but also of the plight of the honeybee population due to Colony Coallapse Disorder (CCD). When he turned 16, Justin chose two beehives as a birthday gift over a car. He made it his mission to do whatever he could to not only produce tasty honey but also to help prevent CCD. That was the beginning of Stubbees. Justin sees Stubbees as an opportunity to stock grocery store shelves with honey and innovative flavors, but also as a way to help take care of the environment. Now Stubbees not only fills the shelves of grocery stores and retailers throughout the Southeast U.S., but has also recently opened a retail location of its own in downtown St. Augustine, Florida.

Protecting Our Pollinators

At Stubbees, we believe that there is a whole lot more to the food industry than just providing great tasting food. We believe that as a business that relies on the resources of a living creature we must do our part to protect our pollinators and ensure that honeybees are here to stay. That is why we are proud to support research facilities across the U.S. who discover new ways to protect our honeybees. Honeybees are part of the infrastructure of our food supply because of their ability to pollinate crops. About 1/3 of all food is produced with the help of pollinators 80% of that being honeybees! That's a lot of work for one of nature's tiniest creatures. 

When you buy Stubbees you are not only supporting American beekeepers, you are also contributing to research to combat Colony Collapse Disorder. 

Sourcing Smart

Stubbees only uses raw honey that is produced right here in the United States, and only from hives located at nature preserves and farms that are free of pesticides. By sourcing smart we are not only able to promote honeybee health but jobs here at home as well!


What's In the Name? (STUH-BEES)

Our last name is Stubblefield, and growing up in the Stubblefield household also meant that you inherited the nickname "Stubby" given by family and friends both in and out of school. Extending the name to the Stubbees brand seemed a perfect fit as we want everyone to be a part of the Stubbees family!


Our Honey

We believe in using honey as a healthy alternative providing the opportunity to create culinary masterpieces through unique flavors. Our honey is sourced from American Beekeepers and crafted by American Artisans. We have curated a collection of whipped honey with organic fruits as well as infused honey varieties.