Meet the Brothers


They couldn't be more polar opposites. With Austin's dedication to health,  fitness and sports and Justin's commitment to animals and the environments surrounding them they are the perfect duo in their approach to natural, healthy living and providing clean products from the hive.



When it all started with a boy and two hives, Justin explored his passion for pollinators when he started his beekeeping hobby at 16. The idea spurred when his neighbors began dropping their fresh veggies from their gardens at his family's door step and he wanted to find a way to return the favor by raising pollinators like honeybees on his family property. Starting hives wouldn't be easy or accessible so he chose to fore-go his first car in lieu of two bee hives instead. From teaching beekeeping at herbalist shops to working with natural grocers across Florida, Justin has pounded the pavement in bringing healthy innovations to consumer shelves.



Austin has been with Justin from the beginning. As a supporting brother and wingman Austin's dedication to health, fitness and sports has provided a vital role in affecting the vision of Stubbees. Our commitmet to wellness and health is in-part driven by Austin's goal in seeing people live happier, healthy lives. From working in the physical therapy arena Austin has a knack for bringing joy to people and spurring interest in an otherwise forgotten food, honey.


Our namesake, Stubbees (ST-UH-BEES) is derived from our last name Stubblefield. Growing up a  Stubblefield in school you are always going to have the name "Stubby" for short and what can we say it stuck! Adding the heart of all pollination, bees to our family nickname only seemed perfect for what we do. Our love for bees, plants and people all encompass our family business Stubbees.