Apple Fritter Artisan Beer Bread Mix

Apple Fritter Artisan Beer Bread Mix

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Pour a 12 oz bottle/can of beer, stir with this mix and bake! Every bite is packed with real apples! (Yes, nothing fake ever used here.) The sweet apple flavor throughout mixed with cinnamon and brown sugar is delectable. This one is a serious bread for every foodie's desire. You'll love it... guaranteed.

How to Enjoy

- With a dollop of vanilla ice cream

- Made fresh
- Easy to use instructions 
- All Natural
- Gluten-Free
- Dairy Free
- Preservative and additive free

Contents + Care
- Store in a cool, dry place
- Ingredients: Unbleached Non Bromated Enriched Flour, Cane Sugar, Baking Powder (Aluminum free), Salt, Baking Powder, Malted Barley Flour, Cane Sugar, Dried Apple Pieces, Baking Powder, Brown Sugar, Salt, Spices, Baking Soda
- Made in USA

- 19 oz