Brazilian Organic Quince Blossom Honey
Brazilian Organic Quince Blossom Honey

Brazilian Organic Quince Blossom Honey

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This Marmeleiro Honey comes from interior northeastern Brazil, a region mainly covered by the Caatinga, which is an ecoregion characterized by desert vegetation. It covers 10% of brazil’s surface, an area 20% bigger than Texas. The Caatinga is a very dry place in Brazil, with frequent droughts that can last up to 7 months. There are only two distinguishable seasons. These are the winter when it is hot and dry, and the summer when it is very hot and little rain can be seen from January to April. After the first rains in the caatinga, the Marmeleiro plants are the first to bloom. Their small, white flower is very fragrant. Many insects like wasps, moths, flies and, mainly, native bees visit their flowers to collect pollen and nectar.

- Certified organic
- Raw
- Kosher 
- Responsibly sourced
- Single origin
- Color: straw-like, yellow gold
- Aroma: floral, slightly fruity
- Taste: citrus fruity, tangerine jam, waxy

How to Enjoy
- Oatmeal, croissants toast also grapefruits and watermelons

Content + Care
- Glass
- Wipe clean
- Store in a dry place
- Ingredients: Organic Quince Blossom Honey
- Product of Brazil

- 4 oz