Wildflower Raw Honey with Honeycomb

Wildflower Raw Honey with Honeycomb

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Wildflower honey is what we affectionately call our “all the above” option. This means that this honey is not produced from the nectar of a predominant plant. This is great for those seeking an all around approach to a healthy immune boost for local allergies in the southeastern part of the United States particularly the state of Florida where our wildflower is sourced. The blend of florals lends this honey to have no consistency in taste, color or rate of crystallization as the year progresses. You are getting the latest batch from the most recent season available to help those seasonal sniffles. A tablespoon of honey every day undiluted is just what our beekeepers ordered. This most utilitarian honey is a must keep in the kitchen at all times. 

How to Enjoy

- Great for everyday spoonful, honeycomb best enjoyed melted over hot biscuit or charcuterie board

Content + Care

- Raw Honey will crystallize over time. Liquify in warm water, never microwave. 
- Packaged in glass to preserve integrity 

- Ingredients: Wildflower Raw Honey

- U.S.A. Sourced Honey


- 5.5 oz

- 12 oz.

- 22 oz.