Nurse Bee+ Propolis Powder

Nurse Bee+ Propolis Powder

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A true marvel amongst bee specialty goods. Propolis is a all-natural resin collected by honeybees from trees and is used as a hive sealant. Because of this it's natural antibacterial properties are truly something to be admired. 

How to Enjoy
- Simply add 1/2 a teaspoon to your herbal tea, yogurt or smoothie for a natural digestive cleanse. Also used as a ingredient for making tinctures and salves.

Content + Care
- Caution: We do not suggest the use of this product if you have been known to be allergic to bee derived products. Consult a doctor before use for medical purposes.
- Ingredients: Honeybee Propolis, Carob Powder (For Anti-Caking)
- Glass
- Made and packed in USA
- 1.5 oz

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