Lavender Infused Honey

Lavender Infused Honey

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 Our Lavender Infused Honey is made in collaboration with the most prestigious grower of organic lavender in the United States, Pelindaba. Located on San Juan Island off the coast of Washington state streams of purple paint the hills of this island that is clear of toxins and filled with fresh air to keep the quality of these botanicals at peak harvest. Notes of herbaceous lavender, mint and honey crisp apples provide a depth to this infusion that make it great for herbal teas, or a remedy to help sooth your throat when your feeling under the weather.

- Small Batch
- Paired with culinary lavender by Pelindaba 

How to Enjoy
- Charcuterie Boards, Select Coffees & Teas, Smoked Meats, Biscuits, Cobblers or Crafted Cocktails.
- Use with 1-part water in sauce pan to create a lavish simple syrup

Content + Care
- Wipe Clean
- Put in gently boiling water to re-liquify
- Ingredients: Honey, Culinary Lavender
- Made in the USA

- 12 oz

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