Raw Honeycomb Cassette
Raw Honeycomb Cassette

Raw Honeycomb Cassette

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Honeybees craft this luxurious honeycomb from the finest of wildflowers surrounding their hive. Flavor notes, viscosity, color and scent will vary season by season from light, bright and sweet to darker hues that grant more savory experiences. We hope you enjoy this liquid gold produced from the many botanicals Honey bees visit on their daily voyages.

- Resealable cassette casing 
- Hand-Packed
- Small batch
- Fresh from the hive
- Entirely edible

How to Enjoy
- Great for biscuits, sliced fruits, crackers, charcuterie boards or just straight up!

Content + Care
- Plastic reusable case
- Produced in the USA
- Packed in the USA

- 5.6 oz
- 2x4 cassette