ORANGE ZEST Whipped Raw Honey


This citrus invigorated honey is the perfect addition to any cool summer beverage. Crafted with organic orange zest, the bright taste of this infusion is a pleasant surprise of balanced sweetness with tanginess. It is delectable for use in scones, glazes and marmalades. Florida is well known for its oranges, so why not try this amazingly tasteful orange zest honey right from the Sunshine State!

- Honey that is whipped with real fruit/spices to make a decadent spread
- No added sugars
- Dairy-Free
- Raw and rich in antimicrobial properties 
- Free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and binding agents
- Small Batch

How to Enjoy
- Stir before use
- Charcuterie 
- Use as spread for toast
- Salad dressings
- Yogurt, parfaits and smoothies
- Sweetener for teas
- Pancakes
- Perfect Pairings Citrus Glazed Fish

Content + Care
- Glass
- Wipe clean
- Keep in cool, dry place
- Ingredients: Honey, Organic Orange Extract, Organic Orange Zest
- Made in the USA

- 5.5 oz
- 9 oz

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