CBD and why it's all the BUZZ!


If you clicked on this post its safe to say that curiosity did get the cat but don't feel bad as it got us too! We are all familiar with that infamous seven pointed leaf from the 60's era of sex, drugs and alcohol. No worries though as I'am not here to sell you some "good-good" like we are at a back lot of a strip mall. In fact all of the things I've previously wrote was my first impression when seeing signs far and wide saying "CBD SOLD HERE" in front of run down convenience stores and smoke shops. After further research and personal experiences I do have some things to note since obviously you are reading this blog because it has peeked your interest as it has peeked ours.


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One of the biggest questions we get in our shops from smirking faces is "is it marijuana?". The answer in part is NO! CBD short for cannabidiol is a chemical that is CO2 extracted from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is the industrial cousin to the marijuana plant under the family of cannabis plants. So just like lemons and oranges are under the umbrella of citrus. Hemp and marijuana are under the umbrella of cannabis. Marijuana due to its THC levels has psychoactive properties used to treat issues concerning eating disorders and brain injuries in some states. Its not as potent in CBD as hemp for extraction so therefore topical use is rather a waste. Hemp CBD on the other hand has over two-fold the percentage of CBD that can be extracted and under .3% THC. Because of this it is very good for CBD extraction for use in topical and edibles products. That is why many new laws concerning CBD product labeling require lab testing barcodes on the product to make sure you are not getting psychoactive THC in your CBD hemp products.

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The benefits of CBD Hemp are numerous! From anxiety reducing effects when added to edibles to therapeutic used topically for pain and inflammation. Also the natural benefits of CBD hemp for skin include soothing, calming and reducing redness effects. All these newly discovered benefits are still being tested for consumption and not endorsed by the FDA but the personal testimonials of this new era ingredient is abundant including our own family members who have struggled with health issues such as strokes and suffer from muscle spasms.


All in all we are excited to see new ingredients like these come to the mainstream when done right, ethically and with maturity. We believe that our food should be thy medicine and the leaves of trees are for healing and anytime a new alternative to common medications that can be abused arrive we should approach it with caution but an open mind. Who knows maybe this is the best thing since slice bread? As far as we can tell it is! 

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I am so pleased with the Hive Hygienics hand sanitizer…it is nice to use and smells wonderful. Will have to come to their store to check out some other products when things improve…hopefully, sooner than later.

Judy Czubati April 15, 2020

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