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  Honeybee Propolis was one of those surprises I discovered unsuspectingly as I am sure most novice beekeepers do when they start out the hobby. This awesome unique and sometimes perceived quirky hive-derived ingredient is a powerhouse when it comes to helping fend off bacteria and other unwanted guests that may cause us and the bees to fall ill. Honeybee propolis is quite a unique product as the bees produce it by collecting tree resins, saps, and other botanical exudes found in nature and mixing it with their saliva. The bees use it as a sealant or glue in the hive to remove unwanted entryways pests may use to get in as well as a way to encase dead rodents that have invaded the hive in order to prevent disease from spreading to the rest of the colony.
  Propolis has been used in many cultures to treat wounds, aide in colds through the making of tinctures for use as throat drops and anti-fungal salves. We of course use it for these things as well as for topical use in our skin care products to cleanse troubled pores and other skin conditions. We strongly encourage you to look for the propolis symbol on our labels as that means we use the highest quality propolis resins and extracts as a key ingredient in those products! Also did we mention that simply adding a 1/2 teaspoon of the propolis powder is great for a smoothie or herbal tea to use as a digestive cleanse!

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