A New Era of Honey [Our Concept]


 Over the years of going through our adventure of beekeeping and getting sticky in the honey business it has lead us into the rabbit hole(sometimes) of always trying to re-invent, re-imagine and re-discover one of nature's oldest "superfoods"-honey.

  This journey has lead us to producing new lines and concepts of  hive-derived products we affectionately call "Era's" of the Stubbees brand. From influences of the 1940's-50's with our creamed/whipped honeys to the retro-vision of our gift sets infused with an 1800's printing process. Everything at Stubbees is done with meaning and purpose. After some years of exploring wholesale opportunities for Stubbees we have opened our first location in St. Augustine as a way to showcase everything we have been conceptualizing but haven't been able to implement.



  This new step forward for Stubbees has granted us many opportunities including the announcement of another location in Jacksonville(tba). We appreciate everyones support for Stubbees and look forward to announcing a new line of products that will expand our apothecary and will dive into a new way for our cosmetics industry to take care of both our body and our planet in-line with the packaging free movement. We want to provide a variety of options for a variety of people after all the world would be boring if we were all the same. We can not wait to share more with you soon!


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