Going Green 2019! [Cleaning up Retail]

San Marco Location Interior

 Spending the beginning of my time right out of high school in retail pursuing wholesale with Stubbees has given me an experience not many kids my age have gotten to venture into so soon. I've been able to travel the country up and down from the palm tree lined roads of Florida to the concrete jungles of New York City and have seen how far the market has pulled us into seeking new innovative ways to reduce our imprint on the planet in terms of how much waste we produce.

Stubbees Beekeeper + Co-Founder 

 It has been a goal for me to use Stubbees as a tool for bee conservation and also pushing the envelope on cleaner innovations. Such as the use of 100% recycled paper bags to eco-friendly tissue printed with soy ink that contributes to tree sustainability in Florida. Biodegradable tasting methods for in-store sampling that we will be implementing this year, Our Bee-Bare packaging free products, as well as sourcing biodegradable packing peanuts for our shipments.


photo credit: Beeswrap

 Also now with the buying power of our retail stores we have been proud to seek brands that contribute to our vision of a greener planet as well. With headlines across national news of environmental proposals with lofty visions I see the business community as the true solution towards weaning our society away from wasteful practices the same way it has made us dependent on wasteful habits. 

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 So with Florida now embracing solar as a source of energy and truly being the "Sunshine State" I couldn't miss the opportunity since I am a Florida native and Stubbees being a Florida based brand to have us spearhead a 100% solar sourced storefront in San Marco Square. We are trying our best everyday to find greener ways of doing things and balancing the wants and needs of our customers who cross different generational mindsets. Stubbees has been a passion-project turned dream job and we look forward towards continuing pushing the envelope for our customers and the Grand Opening of our San Marco location on March 16 of this year!


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