Comb Honey | A Timeless Classic

Throughout the history of man's relationship with honeybees there is one thing that
has always been clear- we absolutley love the honey they produce! There has been
much controversy though about how do we control the quality of it, shop for it, and know whether we are getting the "real deal".
I always get this question when I work at one of our shops. People are hesitant, nervous and intense on making sure they aren't getting duped by packaging, the buzzwords on labels like "pure", "raw", "local", etc. I get it, it can be very confusing to shop for something that is seemingly so simple in an age of product misrepresentation.
Even though we take the time to educate people when they walk into the shop I can always tell they are second guessing us in the back of their head. Hence the reason for this wonderful thing called Comb Honey! This form of honey in the comb is cut fresh from the beehive and is what I call the "insurance policy".
I call it that because of the beeswax containing the honey in its hexagonal structure. Due to the container used by the bees being made up of wax they produce from their glands it melts under heat. Why is this important one might ask? It is because you can not filter, pasteurize or heat honey in other words to the point that it kills all the beneficial bacteria that makes honey superior to processed sugars without destroying the comb structure.
Therefore honey in the comb is always guaranteed to be the real deal. Our Comb Honey is happily harvested in small batches from different domestic apiaries and not imported to keep recent batches always fresh and to avoid adulteration. We hand-pack and stamp each curated retro inspire box because you truly are getting honey in the most old fashioned form possible. 
This form of honey is the rawest most flavorful form. Great for charcuterie boards with cheese pairings, slathering on warm biscuits and makes the best gift for any foodie or self conscious consumer.
We hope you have fun in taking time to enjoy this gem that is Comb Honey as much we've had curating its presentation.

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