Bringing Something Sweet to America's Oldest City

 So we decided partially on a whim and from years of restlessness to fulfill an itch on the back of our heads to do a store. An idea stemmed from childhood journeys across the east-coast of the US discovering unique store concepts that somehow manage to work.

 My love of bees and their work has over-taken me and charmed me to see about taking the valued work they do and exploring exactly how far could I take a single subject to the masses. Being 6 years since starting this hobby while in high school I have gone through experiences not many are fortunate to go through at such an early age.

My journey has given me many successes like getting carried by retailers across 20 states so far but I also have the scars to show from facing rejection by both big and small grocers.

 This has caused me to see about adding something sweet to America's oldest city. My family has been my foundation and without them I'd never picture this happening as quickly as it has been.

 I want to begin this storefront journey through this blog to showcase exactly why I feel the grocery industry is missing out on truly amazing ideas due to their resistance to change. From how we source our honey to our ingredients this is not only a health conscience and conservation effort I am embarking on. This is an economic mission.

 Our beekeepers are not getting a fair-shake by the grocery industry and with your help I plan to change all of that. From the rust belt to the swamps of Florida I want help our beekeepers and bees stay buzz'n and together we can make that happen.

 This storefront will be opening at St. Augustine, FL in September(National Honey Month) of this year(2018) and it is near the bridge of lions. The bridge I would cross with my mom to sell my honey at the St. Augustine Amphitheater market on Saturday mornings. It seemed only perfect to start our first store when this building became available after repairs from the last hurricane. So stay tuned for more updates to come!


Congrats on your success! I first purchased your honey at the Neptune Beach farmers market. I’ve noticed it at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club gift shop, and Winn-Dixie! I was thinking of a gift to give a friend I visited in Cape Cod, so I’m sending her some of your honey because it is locally made, delicious and I love your story of success! I am the mother of two sons , and I am sure your mother is so proud! Congratulations on your new storefront!

Valerie Shaw September 10, 2018

Hi Justin
I am proud of you, fulfilling your passion and making your dream come true.
I am a retiree, my 4 the month living here and madly in love with St Augustine.
I was reading August issue of OCL and read an article about stubbees. My girlfriends love honey and would love to give them as gifts. A visit to your store is a must.

Emma Baisley September 10, 2018

Congrats to you guys! And may great success continue to follow you!

DuWayne D Hegel September 10, 2018

Bought bourbon infused honey for my husband and he loves it!!!! Thanks for making such a great product and good luck with your future endeavors.

Kendra September 10, 2018

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